5 Easy Family Dinners

If you often find yourself running short on time and are on the hunt for delicious, fuss-free, family recipes simply continue reading to discover 5 easy family dinners, that your children are sure to fall in love with.

5 Easy Family Dinners: 

Maple syrup and bacon-infused roast chicken 

Roast chicken is a family favorite and takes little preparation. For a unique twist on a classic roast chicken simple cover the top of your chicken with bacon and rosemary before brushing maple syrup onto the bacon, to create a delicious glaze, which your kids will rave about. After all, what child doesn’t love bacon and maple syrup?

Chorizo and cheese loaded French fries 

If you’re looking to treat your children, you may be interested in preparing chorizo loaded French fries. In a small fry pan lightly cook sliced chorizo with a few slices of onion. Next, place your French fries on a baking tray and cover your fries with your chorizo and onion, before sprinkling your favorite cheese on top of the chorizo. If you’re looking to sneak a few vegetables into your family’s meal, feel free to add corn or mushrooms to your chorizo mix.

Chicken meatballs

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to traditional meatballs, you may want to experiment with chicken meatballs, which you can serve on a plastic child-friendly kebab skewer. Simply use minced chicken and your choice of sauce to create each chicken meatball, before frying each meatball in a medium-sized pan which has been pre-coated with oil. To make sure that your meatballs stay intact, whilst they’re being fried, you may want to coat each meatball with flour, before throwing it into your frypan!

Build your own tacos

If you want to involve your kids in your meal preparation, simply fill a series of tiny bowls with a variety of taco ingredients such as grilled chicken, corn, beans, sliced tomatoes, jalapenos and sour cream and let your kids build their own tacos.

If your kids are competitive, you may even want to consider hosting a competition to see which kid can create the most unique taco.

Spaceman eggs

If your kids’ dream of becoming astronauts, it’s well worth preparing spaceman eggs for dinner. Simply use a gingerbread man cutout to cut out an astronaut figure from each piece of bread and place each piece of bread on a medium sized frypan, which has been coated in oil. Next, separate your egg white from your egg yolk and pour the egg white into the body of your spaceman, starting with his feet. Lastly pour the egg yolk into your spaceman’s head, in order to create your spaceman’s helmet. Remember to place the toast man which you cut out earlier next to your child’s piece of bread so that they can dip it into their astronaut, like a spoon.

So if you’ve run out of mealtime inspiration and are looking to put a huge smile on each of your children’s faces, it’s well worth trying out each of the fun meal ideas listed above.

5 Home Decor Tips

As you’ll spend countless hours in your home, it’s well worth investing a bit of time and energy into giving each room in your house a makeover. If you’re interested, simply continue reading to discover 5 inspirational home decor tips, which will spark your creativity!

5 Home Decor Tips:

Consider painting a statement wall, with blackboard paint 

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to add an interactive feature to your child’s bedroom or you enjoy entertaining family and friends and are looking for an innovative way to display your dinner parties’ menus, it’s well worth creating your own blackboard wall. Alternatively, you may want to write inspirational quotes on your blackboard wall each week.

Creating a blackboard feature wall is far simpler than you might think, simply use a blackboard paint to paint your desired wall.

Hang large mirrors up, in each of your home’s rooms

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make the rooms in your home feel more spacious, it’s well worth hanging a large mirror up in each of your home’s rooms. As a sizeable, well-placed mirror will create the illusion that your room is far larger, than it is, in reality.

If you plan on displaying framed artwork or family photographs, you may want to choose a mirror which compliments the frames which you use to display your art or photographs. As an example, if your lounge boasts wood frames, you may want to opt for a mirror which boasts a wooden frame.

Choose a primary color to decorate each room as well as an accent color 

Instead of decorating each room in a single hue, make sure to choose an accent color as well as a primary color. As an example, while you may choose to paint your bathroom’s blue and to place a blue soap dispenser in your bathroom, you may want to add a pop of contrasting color by placing yellow towels on your towel rack.

Use statement fabrics, to showcase your personal sense of style 

An inexpensive way to showcase your sense of style is to purchase inexpensive fabrics, which you can use to dress up any room. As an example, you may want to use a large patterned piece of fabric as a bold tablecloth or you may want to use an eye-catching piece of patterned fabric in order to sew a few pillowcases. You can even upholster a well-loved chaise or ottoman with a fabric, which you fall in love with! If you’re tempted, don’t be afraid to decorate a single room, with two contrasting patterns.

Showcase your family heirlooms and antiques

Instead of storing your precious family heirlooms and antiques in storage, why not use your favorite heirlooms and antiques to decorate your home? As an example, you may wish to frame your great grandmother’s christening gown and display it in your hallway or you may choose to display an antique phone or vase in your home office.

So if your creativity has been sparked, there’s no time like the present to give your home a bit of TLC!

5 Key Budgeting Tips for Your Household to Follow

If you find it difficult to keep on top of your monthly expenses, simply continue reading to discover 5 key budgeting tips, which will ensure that your household spends less than your monthly household income.

5 Key budgeting tips for your household to follow:

When you visit your local grocery store, look for the lowest priced product, which offers the greatest value

Instead of simply picking the cheapest bottle of shampoo or loaf of bread on the shelf, take a look at the volume of product each brand offers and pick the brand which offers the lowest price per gram or per liter.

As often the cheapest product available will be a fraction of the size of the other products displayed.

Use your smart phone’s calculator to add up your projected grocery bill as you shop

If you often experience a rude awakening when you pay for your grocery bill, simply use your smart phone’s calculator to add up your projected grocery bill as you place each item in your shopping cart. If your projected bill starts to get out of hand, you can choose to put any items which aren’t essential back, which you can then subtract from your total. You’ll also start to think twice before putting expensive luxury items in your cart.

If you have children, give them a pocket allowance, so that they can learn the value of a dollar

If you have school-aged children, it’s well worth giving your children an allowance which they can use to purchase luxury items such as toys. That way, you won’t have to fork out a small fortune on purchasing enough toys to fill a toy store, which your children will likely forget about, after a couple of weeks. As your children will have the opportunity to save their own money to purchase the latest toy, which all their friends are raving about. If you’re okay with the idea of your children consuming unhealthy snacks in moderation, you may also want to give each child a $5 weekly budget to select one or two treats from your local grocery store.

Sit down as a household and agree on a monthly budget

By sitting down around a table and working out a monthly budget, which everyone is happy to contribute to, you’ll find out which items are worth splurging on and which items you may be able to cut out of your budget. As an example, if you’re still paying for cable TV but half of your household has a Netflix account, for a fraction of the price of cable, it may well be time to terminate your cable TV subscription.

Make sure that your monthly expenses are less than your monthly household income 

When creating a budget it’s imperative that your monthly expenses are less than your household’s monthly income. As it’s unwise to purchase items on credit, which you can’t afford to purchase with cash.

So if one of your key goals as a household is to decrease your spending and increase your saving, it’s well worth following the 5 budgeting tips listed above.

6 Family Money Saving Tips

If you’re looking to stretch your monthly budget a little further, simply continue reading to discover 6 creative ways to save money, whilst raising a young family.

6 Family Money Saving Tips Which Will Stretch Your Budget Further: 

Precook several days worth of food in advance 

In order to save money, you may want to consider purchasing ingredients such as meat and vegetables in bulk and precooking several days worth of food on a Sunday evening. As you’ll be far less likely to be tempted to spend a small fortune eating out if you already have several meals, per family member sitting in your freezer, waiting to be reheated.

Always look for specials, instead of paying full price

As an example, it’s well worth shopping around to find the cheapest price on your favorite foods. Better yet, you can also find amazing deals on activities. As an example, your local movie theater may offer half-priced tickets on certain days of the week. Alternatively, you may be able to find online coupons for restaurants which offer two for one meals.

Sell your children’s old clothes, books and unwanted toys online

One way to increase your family budget is to sell your children’s old clothes and unwanted toys on a website which specializes in hosting online auctions, such as eBay.

Swap your children’s clothes and books with your friends and family members

As your friends and family members are likely to have children of varying ages, it’s well worth swapping your children’s clothes, books and toys with your friends and family members. As you’ll be able to find clothes in good condition, which your friend’s children have grown out of and may be able to pass on items, your children no longer need, to friends who have younger children.

Grow your own vegetables or visit a local farmer’s market on a weekly basis 

Instead of paying a premium for fresh produce at your local grocery store, you may be interested in growing your own vegetables such as lettuce, corn, beans, and tomatoes. If you live in an apartment or your property lacks adequate outdoor space to create a vegetable garden, you may want to grow herbs such as basil and thyme on your kitchen’s windowsill.

Alternatively, if you lack a green thumb, it’s well worth visiting a local farmer’s market as you’ll be able to cut out the middleman and purchase your favorite vegetables for a fraction of the price, which you’d expect to pay at your local grocery store.

Use a carpool to transport your children to and from school and extracurricular activities

If you currently spend a small fortune on gas, you may want to team up with other parents in your area, in order to form a carpool. That way, you’ll only have to drop your child off to school once or twice a week.

So if you’d love to save money for a family vacation or your children’s college tuition, it’s well worth following the 6 money saving tips listed above.

How to Keep Your House Clean!

If you’re looking for innovative ways to keep your home spick and span, simply continue reading to discover 7 creative ways to keep your home clean.

How to keep your house clean:

Invest in a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner or a robotic vacuum cleaner 

One way to keep your floors looking spick and span is to invest in a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner, which will make vacuuming your lounge and kitchen on a daily basis a breeze. If you find vacuum cleaning a chore, it’s also worth investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner, which will keep your floors looking clean, between your weekly vacuuming cleaning sessions.

Create a weekly plan of housekeeping duties, which you need to stay on top of

Instead of leaving all your housework until the weekend, you’re far better off completing one or two cleaning tasks per day. As an example, you may want to wash your sheets and clean out your fridge on a Sunday and vacuum clean and dust your house on Monday evenings.

Ensure that you’re motivated and productive 

If you find it difficult to make time to clean, you may want to motivate yourself to stay on task by rewarding yourself for ticking off each item on your weekly cleaning roster. As an example, you may want to treat yourself to a coffee with a friend, if you finish your weekend chores by midday.

Don’t be afraid to delegate jobs to your housemates or family members If you live with family, friends or housemates, make sure to allocate several tasks to each individual. As there’s absolutely no reason why one individual should be stuck completing the majority of the tasks on your list.

Use a different color cleaning cloth for each surface or room in your home

As an example, you may want to use a yellow cleaning cloth in your kitchen and a blue cleaning cloth in your bathroom. As you don’t want to use a cloth which has been doused with bleach, which you use in your bathroom, on your kitchen’s countertops and surfaces.

Make sure that you have the right cleaning products for each job, on hand

As an example, make sure that each room, such as your kitchen and your bathroom, has a new cleaning cloth under the sink as if you have the right equipment on hand you’ll be far more likely to clean up any messes you make, straight away.

When they’re yet to dry out and are far easier to remove. As if you wait till you require a particular cleaning product, to head to your local grocery store to pick up supplies, you may put off cleaning up the mess which you’ve made.

Read unbiased online reviews, before purchasing a purchase

Instead of wasting your cleaning budget on products which fail to live up to their claims, it’s well worth researching cleaning products such as dishwashing detergent and laundry powder, before you purchase a new product. It’s also worth asking your family members and friends for their recommendations.

So, if one of your goals for the year is to keep your home sparkling clean, all year long, it’s well worth following the 7 foolproof cleaning tips listed above!

The Top 5 Family Friendly Pets Revealed

If you’re looking to teach your children about responsibility, it’s well worth giving in to your children’s request for their first pet. While cats and dogs, maybe the obvious choice, continue reading to discover a wide variety of suitable family pets to consider.

5 of the best family pets:


A family dog will give your children more attention than a cat or fish and will happily spend countless hours playing fetch with your children. If you opt to add a dog to your family, you’ll also be able to spend quality time as a family, by creating a family ritual of taking your dog to the park or for a walk each evening. As an added benefit, most dogs will also watch out for your child and will alert you if your child is in danger.


If you’re looking for a pet which is fairly independent and doesn’t require a great deal of human social interaction, you may be interested in purchasing a hamster. As hamsters are cute and cuddly and will tolerate being pet by your children but don’t need to be taken for a walk or played with, in order to remain healthy and happy. As a bonus, hamsters are fairly low maintenance and their cage only needs to be cleaned once per week, which most children will be happy to do.


Axolotls are also known as Mexican salamanders and are the perfect choice for busy families who can’t commit to taking care of a dog but are looking for a family pet which is more exciting than a goldfish. Axolotls are incredibly cute and boast arms and legs as well as interesting gills which grow from the side of their heads. Your children will love watching an axolotl hide in their tank and will get great enjoyment out of racing their family members to be the first to spot their axolotl each time it hides.


Rats make better pets than mice as they are extremely intelligent and can be taught to perform tricks, such as walking across a piece of rope, like a tightrope artist. You can even train a rat to spin around in a circle, in exchange for an edible treat.

Rats are also affectionate pets and once your children earn their rat’s trust, it will feel at home sleeping on their lap or perching itself on your children’s shoulders whilst they complete their homework or watch tv.


Rabbits also make a great family pet as they boast a relatively long lifespan of 5-10 years and if hand raised, will be perfectly happy to be cuddled by your kids. Just make sure to choose the right breed of rabbit for your family as some breeds are more affectionate and child-friendly than other breeds. As a bonus, if you choose to keep your rabbits outdoors in a hutch, your children will be more inclined to spend time outdoors!

So if you’re looking for the perfect addition to your family, it’s well worth considering purchasing a rabbit, a rat, an exotic axolotl, a hamster or a dog. All of which make excellent family pets!

4 of the Best Family Dogs

If you’ve decided to give in and purchase a puppy or adult dog for your children, it’s well worth researching various dog breeds, before making a commitment and adding a dog to your family. If you’re keen to discover a few dog breeds, which make great family pets, simply continue reading to discover 4 of the best family dogs.

Four of the best family orientated dog breeds:

Boston Terriers

Boston terriers are nicknamed “the American Gentleman”, due to their affectionate and gentle personalities. If you’re looking for a small, family dog, who’ll play gently with your children, it’s well worth considering purchasing a Boston Terrier. Don’t be surprised if your Boston terrier becomes your children’s’ best friend. As an added bonus Boston terriers are extremely intelligent and can be easily trained if you find a way to work around their stubborn tendencies. Once you’re taught your Boston terrier a new command, they won’t forget it in a hurry.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers make excellent family pets as they are known for their friendly, easy-going temperaments and are unlikely to become irritated by small children. As some dog breeds become easily irritated by small children who try and climb on them or pull their coats. If you’re looking for a laid-back, friendly breed of dog, which enjoys quiet time at home and has the energy to play fetch with your children all afternoon long, it’s well worth looking into adding a labrador retriever to your growing family.

Irish Wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhounds are often overlooked as family pets due to their size. However, Irish wolfhounds are gentle giants and make great family pets as they are incredibly protective and will take great pride in watching over every member of your family.

Irish Wolfhounds are also easy to train, which means that your children will be able to help you train your new family member to sit, stay and fetch. If you’re concerned that Irish wolfhounds are too active to be kept indoors, think again. While Irish wolfhounds need to be walked on a daily basis, for most of the day Irish wolfhounds lead a sedentary lifestyle and are quite happy to curl up on the sofa next to you.


If you’re looking for an affectionate furry companion, you simply can’t go wrong adopting a pug. As an added advantage unlike the vast majority of dog breeds, pugs don’t require a great deal of exercise and are content with a short, family walk each day. Better yet pugs are extremely affectionate and love being pet, hugged and carried around. If you’re looking for a dog that will sleep at the end of your child’s bed each night and watch over them, there’s no need to look any further. Lastly, pugs are known for their bubbly, charming personalities, so if you’re looking for a dog which will provide endless entertainment it’s also worth considering purchasing a pug.

So if you’re looking to add a dog to your family, you can’t go wrong adopting or purchasing a pug, an Irish wolfhound, a Boston terrier or a labrador retriever!

How to Travel With Your Pet

As in recent years, a growing number of hotels and campgrounds are opening their doors to pets, you may be tempted to take your furry friend on vacation with you. If so, simply continue reading to discover how to make travel with your pet as painless and as fun as possible.

How to travel with your pet:

If you plan on traveling by car, take shorter car trips with your pet before your first proper vacation together

If you plan on driving to your destination, start taking your pet for short drives around your neighborhood, so that they become accustomed to the sensation of traveling in a moving vehicle. Start off by taking your pet for a short 10 minute trip before embarking on longer trips.

If you travel by car, make sure to take frequent breaks

Make a habit out of pulling your car over every 40 minutes, so that your pet can stretch their legs and enjoy a bit of fresh air. Stopping your car frequently will also decrease your chances of your pet becoming ill from motion sickness as just like humans, some pets suffer from motion sickness.

Avoid feeding your pet directly before you travel

Make sure to avoid feeding your pet in the 30-40 minutes prior to your plane flight or car journey, so that your pet’s stomach can settle ahead of your journey. As the last thing you want is for your pet to vomit during your journey.

If possible travel at night

It’s wise to travel when your pet normally sleeps as if they can sleep for the majority of your journey, you’ll be far less likely to run into any troubles on your journey.

Make sure that your pet has a familiar toy on hand 

If there’s a particular toy that your pet loves to carry around, it’s advisable to place their favorite toy in their travel crate as any familiar object will provide your pet with comfort in a new, unfamiliar environment. Alternatively, if your pet prefers a favorite bed or blanket, place it in their crate instead of a toy.

Establish a regular routine, when you’ve arrived at your destination 

As your pet may feel uncertain and anxious in a new environment, it’s well worth establishing a regular routine. As an example, you might want to take your pet for a walk every morning. Although you may be on vacation or visiting relatives, it’s crucial to remember to give your pet adequate attention.

Look for accommodation options which are pet-friendly

As an example, you may want to choose an accommodation option which backs on to a dog-friendly beach or which is located across the road from a park, which you can use to exercise your pet. If possible, it’s well worth opting for an accommodation option which boasts a private garden or terrace. So that your pet won’t be cooped up indoors all day.

So if you’re planning your first trip with your pet, it’s well worth taking the 7 tips listed above to heart. As they are designed to ensure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Easy Home DIY Projects Which Are Suitable For Beginners!

If you’re new to the world of DIY projects and are looking for a few simple projects to experiment with, simply continue reading to discover a handy list of straightforward DIY projects, which are impossible to mess up.

Easy Home DIY Projects Which Are Suitable For Beginners: 

Disguise a cabinet with an inexpensive piece of art

It’s well worth exploring thrift stores and yard sales in order to find inexpensive pieces of art, which you can use to disguise the front of some of your home’s cabinets. Simply use a well-placed hook or two to ensure that your artwork stays in place. Alternatively, you can use a framed poster from your favorite film or a classic sporting event, in order to disguise your cabinetry.

Attach pom-poms to your curtains, pillows, rugs, and cushions

Whether you have kids who love pom-poms or you’re looking for a unique way to liven up your lounge or bedroom, it’s well worth sewing a strip of pom-poms onto the sides of your curtains, pillows, rugs or cushions. You can even select a color scheme, which matches the rest of your home’s color palette.

Use wallpaper to decorate the front of your dresser 

If you own an outdated wood dresser, you can easily give your dresser a new lease of life by covering it in an eye-catching roll of carefully selected wallpaper. After measuring your wallpaper and supergluing it to the front of your dresser, simply apply a coat of polyurethane varnish over your wallpaper, in order to protect your newly decorated dresser from wear and tear.

You’re only limited by your imagination and you can also use wallpaper to dress up a bedside table, a work desk or a coffee table.

Turn an old cabinet door into a serving tray

Simply paint your old cabinet door with a lick of paint and screw two handles onto either end of your cabinet door, in order to create a unique serving tray. Which you can use to serve your guests tea and coffee or wine and an assortment of cheese and crackers. If you frequently entertain dinner guests, you’ll guests will rave about how unique your serving tray is.

Sew a pocket onto your sofa’s cushions

If you have a few scraps of fabric lying around, you may want to sew pockets onto your sofa’s cushions. Not only will you add a bit of style to your lounge but you’ll also be able to store your television remotes and mobile phone in your cushions’ pockets. Which will prevent valuable items such as your television remote, gaming controllers, and smartphone from falling down into the recesses of your sofa.

Crochet coasters for your coffee mugs 

If you’re able to crochet, you may want to consider crocheting small coasters, which you can use to protect your dining table and coffee table from unsightly coffee mug marks. Crochet coasters can also be used to protect your furniture from wine spills.

So if you’re interested in experimenting with a few DIY projects, it’s well worth starting with the 6 easy DIY projects listed above.